Who Offers Lifeguard Certification Near Me?

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A lifeguard is responsible for the general supervision and safety of patrons of an aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergency situations.

Benefits of lifeguard certification near me

Ensuring the safety of swimmers is crucial, and getting a lifeguard certification is the first step towards achieving that. If you’re looking for lifeguard certification near me, check out local aquatic facilities, as they often offer courses that teach lifeguard techniques, water rescue.

Lifeguards are top swimmers who are able to provide water safety advice to guests, perform quick rescues and control unruly behavior if necessary. Lifeguards can take turns at pools and beaches when weather permits.

Generally, lifeguards do not need a high school diploma, but six months to one year of experience directly related to job duties and responsibilities is required. A valid cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate and a valid lifeguard certificate issued by a recognized training institution are required. Successful lifeguards are extremely sociable and safety conscious.

What are the missions of a lifeguard?

Maintain constant supervision of customers in the water
Provide emergency care and treatment as needed until emergency medical services arrive
Able to act quickly and appropriately to ensure customer safety in the event of an emergency
Present a professional appearance and demeanor at all times, and maintain a high level of customer service
Perform the various job-related tasks assigned to him
Prepare and maintain appropriate activity reports
Knowledge of customer service standards and procedures
Able to follow routine verbal and written instructions

What skills are required to be a lifeguard?

Preferably two or more years of experience as a lifeguard certification near me

Six months to one year of experience directly related to specified responsibilities
Highly qualified in the application of first aid surveillance and rescue techniques
Thorough knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency medical procedures
Ability to accurately prepare routine administrative documents
Excellent customer service skills


It’s no longer a secret that the Lifeguard Society is Canada’s lifeguard expert. It is thanks to properly trained and trained lifeguards, among other things, that there are fewer drownings, especially when these lifeguards put into practice what they have learned in our training programs.

Swimmers have reason to be reassured when they see lifeguards sitting at their lifeguard certification near me station, clearly identified, wearing their pocket mask at the waist and their rescue object in hand, keeping a watchful eye on users, ready to intervene. at any time should an emergency arise. This is all the more reassuring when you have seen the rescuers training before.

The Lifeguard Society constantly stresses the importance of lifeguards keeping their skills up to date, working to improve emergency procedures, and practicing lifeguard and first aid techniques regularly.

Several questions arise in this regard: what training is absolutely necessary? How far should a lifeguard go in learning?


The Aquatic Rescuer / Pool Employee is responsible for the safety of property and people in the aquatic environment. He ensures the prevention of risks and acts according to the appropriate protocol in the event of an emergency.

Therefore, he must be a good swimmer, vigilant, responsive, and responsible. In addition, in most cases and according to his professional environment, the latter works as a team to ensure the proper functioning of his structure by participating in the maintenance of water hygiene, the good reception of customers and can sometimes assist the lifeguard during the entertainment.

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In USA, swimming pools and other bathing areas accessible to the public struggle to recruit trained staff. The CLES swimming pool employee training tends to facilitate and secure the recruitment of different employers by offering training that allows you to meet regulatory requirements while integrating the business skills to be operational when hiring!


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